Addy vs. Oxy

College students talk about the different reasons people use Addy and Oxy. Find resources on pills here.

Being a good friend

College students share their advice for talking to a friend about pills. Find resources on pills here.

Maegan’s Story

Maegan reveals the impact that pills had on her life. Find resources on pills here.

Tiffany’s Story

Tiffany shares what happened the first (and last) time she mixed Adderall and energy shots. Find resources on pills here.

Losing yourself

Tiffany talks about buying Adderall and how that experience impacted her. Find resources on pills here.

Patrick’s Story

Patrick opens up about his struggles with addiction and how he was able to take control of his life. Find resources on pills here.

Pete Wentz

Musician Pete Wentz opens up about his suicide attempt and explains how talking to the right person helped him get better.

Casey McPherson Interview

Casey, a student at State College of Florida, sits down with Casey McPherson of Alpha Rev to discuss how they’ve dealt with pain and helped others.


Respected underground emcee Cage talks openly about how he used music to fight drug abuse and depression.

Student Veterans

Students who served in the Iraq War speak out about the emotional challenges of adjusting to life back at home and the importance of finding support.