Sometimes the things that cause us stress or anxiety are related to what’s going on in our heads, and other times it’s about tangible problems in our lives. Worrying about money is a common issue that can cause a huge amount of stress. That stress can spill over into other areas of our lives and impact our work, school and relationships.

When it comes to worries over problems like money, there are two main categories these issues fall into:  things we can change and things we can’t change. If we’re running low on money every month, we can take a look at our budget and see if there are compromises we can make to help balance things out. If we’re overwhelmed by credit card debt, we can work on a plan to pay that down and try to use credit more responsibly. An important step in dealing with financial stress is to identify those areas where we can make change.

Sometimes we feel panic about things we can’t do anything about immediately. Maybe we just feel overwhelmed that we’re going to have to start making student loan payments soon. Maybe we feel sad because we can’t afford to do some of the things our friends do. Or maybe we have to work long hours to cover our financial obligations and that workload is stressful. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by anything related to your finances, talking to a counselor can help you manage that stress.

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