Anger is a normal human emotion. We all get mad and annoyed sometimes. It’s how we deal with those feelings that’s important. If your anger is persistent or interfering with your relationships, work, school or sleep, then it’s time to work on managing those emotions before things get worse.

Do arguments with your significant other or friends over little things often turn into screaming matches? Do you have trouble controlling your temper with classmates or co-workers that frustrate you? Frequently feeling angry can be distracting and really stressful. If that sounds familiar, check out some suggestions for managing your anger. It’s also OK to reach out for support. Counselors can give you techniques for controlling your anger and help you understand if there are other problems that might be contributing to the way you feel.

And if a friend, partner or co-worker’s anger is making you feel concerned or threatened, you need to take action to protect yourself emotionally and physically.

You can find some tips for dealing with anger by clicking on “Feel Better.”